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中国防痨杂志 ›› 2018, Vol. 40 ›› Issue (8): 898-904.doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-6621.2018.08.022

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  1. 432000 湖北省孝感市结核病防治所结核科
  • 收稿日期:2018-02-01 出版日期:2018-08-10 发布日期:2018-09-09
  • 通信作者: 李双初

A survey and analysis on the incidence of tuberculosis in an enterprise in Xiaogan, Hubei province in recent years

Shuang-chu LI(),Yu-xia GUO,Long-ling YE,Zhi CHENG,Jun WANG,Hong-zhang. CHEN   

  1. Department of Tuberculosis, Xiaogan Antituberculosis Institute, Hubei Province, Xiaogan 432000, China
  • Received:2018-02-01 Online:2018-08-10 Published:2018-09-09
  • Contact: Shuang-chu LI



关键词: 结核, 肺, 疾病暴发流行, 疾病报告, 多相筛查, 数据说明, 统计


This paper reports a survey on the tuberculosis (TB) morbidity in an enterprise in recent years, which was conducted by Xiaogan Antituberculosis Institute in August, 2017. The results showed that 13 TB patients were diagnosed in 2242 employees, 12 of whom had an attack within one year; of the 224 employees in the work group where the first onset patient operated, the strongly positive rate of PPD test was 63.8% (143/224), and a definite diagnosis was confirmed in 7 patients; of the 36 employees on the dormitory floor where the first onset patient lived, the strongly positive rate of PPD test was 75.0% (27/36), and a definite diagnosis was confirmed in 4 patients. It was analyzed that two outbreaks in this epidemic were resulted from the same source; the primary causes were the absence of timely quarantine and normative therapy and management, as well as the poor ventilation of workshops and buildings. In order to avoid similar epidemic, it was proposed that every medical and health institution should strictly enforce Measures for the Management of TB Prevention and Control, perform well in the report and referral of TB patients and suspected patients, treatment and management of TB patients, and also in the examination of the close contacts of infectious TB patients according to their respective functions, and guide the enterprises to promote the propaganda and education of TB prevention and treatment knowledges to their employees.

Key words: Tuberculosis, pulmonary, Disease outbreaks, Disease notification, Multiphasic screening, Data interpretation, statistical