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中国防痨杂志 ›› 2018, Vol. 40 ›› Issue (6): 634-638.doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-6621.2018.06.016

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  1. 100144 北京协和医学院护理学院[田策(北京协和医学院护理学院研究生)、赵红]
  • 收稿日期:2018-01-09 出版日期:2018-06-20 发布日期:2018-07-24

Study progress of stigma in patients with tuberculosis

Ce TIAN,Hong ZHAO()   

  1. School of Nursing, Peking Union Medical College, Beijing 100144, China
  • Received:2018-01-09 Online:2018-06-20 Published:2018-07-24



关键词: 结核, 行为和行为机制, 情感症状, 综述文献(主题), 病耻感


Stigma is a kind of negative emotional experience that patients experience as a result of their illness. Due to the lack of disease knowledge and the public’s discriminatory attitude toward TB patients, stigma is widespread in tuberculosis patients and seriously affects their physical and mental health. Many foreign scholars have paid attention to it and compiled some assessing tools, and the most widely used one is the tuberculosis-related stigma scale compiled by Van et al. The level of stigma in tuberculosis patients is related to the patient’s gender, place of residence, educational level, marital status, family income and so on. Reducing the level of stigma is important for the rehabilitation of patients, but a few intervention studies are currently available. It is recommended that future studies focus on interventions that effectively reduce the stigma of tuberculosis patients.

Key words: Tuberculosis, Behavior and behavior mechanisms, Affective symptoms, Review literature as topic, Stigma