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中国防痨杂志 ›› 2009, Vol. 31 ›› Issue (6): 341-345.

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  1. 天津市结核病控制中心 300041
  • 出版日期:2009-06-10 发布日期:2011-11-03

The study on awareness status on tuberculosis and countermeasures in Tianjin

Li Shanglun, Wan Ying   

  1. Tianjin Center for Tuberculosis Control,Tianjin 300041,China
  • Online:2009-06-10 Published:2011-11-03

摘要: 目的了解天津市公众结核病防治知识现状,为今后发展和完善结核病健康教育工作、进一步开展健康促进工作提供科学依据。方法采取多阶段分层系统随机抽样方法,对调查对象进行结核病防治知识问卷调查。结果4591名12~65岁居民结核病核心信息总知晓率为58.2%,3条主要核心信息的全部知晓率为6.9%;公众对结核病的合理态度持有率为24.2%;获得结核病相关知识的主要途径为“听别人说的”(62.8%)、电视(55.6%)、广播(37.7%)。结论要充分利用各种媒体和宣传手段有针对性地开展健康教育,把女性、贫困人群、文化程度较低的人群、工矿企业职工等作为重点宣传对象,促使人们了解结核病防治知识,并形成全社会共同参与结核病控制工作的氛围。

关键词: 结核/预防和控制, 健康教育, 问卷调查, 天津市

Abstract: Objective To explore the awareness status on tuberculosis(TB) prevention and control among public in Tianjin, and to provide scientific evidence for expanding and perfecting health promotion and promoting health education in future. MethodsQuestionnaire investigation was carried out among the study subjects selected by multiatage stratified systematic randomized sampling in Tianjin. ResultsThe awareness rate of key messages on TB prevention and control among 4591 permanent residents from the age of 12 to 65 was 58.2%, the awareness rate of 3 main key messages was 6.9%; the rate of having reasonable attitude among the publics was 24.2%; the main sources of TB knowledge was learning from other people (62.8%),television(55.6%) and radio(37.7%). ConclusionsHealth education should be strengthened to different people by various ways and focused on special groups such as the female, the poor, the less educated and workers, so that whole society participate in TB prevention and control. In this way case finding rate and treatment success rate will be increased, and the target of controlling TB prevalence and protect people’s health will finally be achieved.

Key words: Tuberculosis/prevention & control, health education, questionnaires, Tianjin city